My husband is so adorable and sweet. He went through all of his many pairs of glasses until he found a pair that weren’t too strong and had me try them on, only for reading purposes and I have to admit, the clarity was AMAZING. I have been reading foggy words for far longer then I had thought, I can say this because I had almost forgotten what clear and bright letters look like, how bad am I?

My husband’s eyes aren’t bad at all, he just needs to read plans and blueprints for his profession and the type is particularly small so he has different magnifications and these he gets over the counter so that is why he has a bunch of extras.

My eyes are new to this whole magnification business and I fear that I will be misplacing glasses left and right simply because I am not at that state where I need them for the everyday so once I am done with them, I can see myself putting them down and walking away, forgetting them and about them until the next time I need them and I will be at a loss where I left them.

First world problems really are small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. I should consider myself lucky, heck I will be seeing fewer wrinkles as I go. LOL