Today, it has been howling, snowing and bitterly cold and coming in from outside, my mind went to my beloved Greek mythology as I asked myself “if I were in Ancient Greece, which God would I be trying to appease right now?”

The reason why I ask is that Aerolus, the guardian of the four winds; Boreas the North Wind, Notus the South Wind, Eurus the East Wind and Zephyr the gentle West Wind, he keeps them inside a vast cavern far out at sea and they are only allowed out when a God summons one of them to be freed.

Demeter is pointless to beseech because until Persephone emerges from Hades in the Spring, she will continue to mope and sulk. But I wonder who would call on Boreas the North Wind to assail the Northeast for a solid week; could it be Hera? Perhaps it is Poseidon, but I would think that he would most likely call Notus, the South Wind, summoning a Northeaster or a hurricane. I doubt it is Athena, she is the Goddess of wisdom, wait on second thought maybe she wants to shake us up a bit.; with the way things are going, that might not be too far off the mark.

This is all a flight of fancy, a little lightness and silliness in the midst of such somber events over the past few days.

I love Greek mythology and the way these tales explained the physical world and existential questions to the ancient Greeks. They make for wonderful children’s books and fantasy movies, a grand escapism that I indulged in quite often when I was young. I actually imparted my love of all things mythological to my children and I think my niece, which I think is pretty cool.