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We were supposed to get rain today and instead we got a tiny snow storm last night, leaving Blandford blanketed in white and covered in fog all day today. The perfect setting for some warm, nourishing soup.

I haven’t had watercress in quite a while, mostly because my Stop-n-Shop in Westfield rarely stocks that particular green. What prompted my purchase of watercress when my husband and I stopped at a WholeFoods on the way home a few days ago is that I read an interesting article regarding Kale and its status as a supposed “superfood”.

I learned that there are 14 other greens that rank higher in overall nutritional value than the ubiquitous Kale. The list included mustard greens, beet greens and swiss chard as examples, but to my utter surprise, watercress topped the list at number one. That prompted my desire to get some to make soup for us, because I always loved my mother’s watercress and potato soup. Watercress is less peppery than arugula and less tart than sorrel, it has its own bite and you can control its bite either by adding more potato or adding more watercress. This soup that I have just made; I toned down the strength of the watercress flavor because I wanted my children to love it, so it has a rich mellow green flavor that goes down very easily.

Next time I will be more adventurous and add more than only two bunches; I’ll probably add four bunches and keep the same amount of potato. It will be nice and bracing, but not too bracing and if it is, I’ll make sure to get some heavy cream so that the children can add some to mellow it out to their palates.