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Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful night and that we all take a few moments to reflect on our past year, absorbing the good and shedding the bad. I think that this is important so that we can embrace the New Year lighter and with open minds and open hearts.

Historically, I have never spent a New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day not deeply depressed. I have always kept it to myself, but inside, the despair has often been so deep that I would think that it couldn’t go away and then it does. This year, I have been fighting this encroaching wave so very hard for the past week and I am still fighting it and I hope that it will go away as it always does, but this time before the despair gets too deep.

It always takes me until the second week of January to get enthusiastic about the New Year, I’ll let you know how enthusiastic when it finally comes to me. 🙂