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We are back in Boston and I took the opportunity to wander around the Legacy Mall primarily to go shopping at Whole Foods for fruit, things to drink and other food items. However when I saw the names of the other stores at Legacy Mall, I couldn’t resist the call to see what was going on in the Christmas retail scene.

Ann Taylor is one of my favorite stores to browse in, I rarely shop there, but I love looking at their clothes. I like that the pieces are timeless and classic, but with a slight twist to keep the look fresh, modern and relevant. There was a daddy with his son who was about 7 or 8 and they were going through the store looking at blouses and sweaters, searching for the right size and color. The daddy pulled out a cute sweater, cream with large blue horizontal stripes, a little French looking, and he asked his boy what he thought, the son said he liked it and the daddy said that it was the right size and that maybe mommy would really like it and be happy with the sweater. It was so adorable and sweet; they looked so serious and a little nervous about the sweater, I felt my smile get bigger by the second.

The next store that I visited was William & Sonoma, my husband and I LOVE that store. When I walked through the doors, I knew that I didn’t need a single thing, but I love looking at the table linens, all of the gadgets and the copper, the copper is so shiny and beautiful. While I was ogling the copper charger plates, a daddy was pushing his baby boy in his stroller and the baby did not look particularly happy being there. I suppose there wasn’t anything visually appealing or maybe it was getting close to feeding time. I of course couldn’t help but flash the baby a goofy smile and the daddy asked me if his son at least smiled back, I laughed and said no, he didn’t seem too happy being in the store, but I could tell that the daddy was intent on finding a special gift for someone very special.

I love people watching, it is never boring and to see these husbands and fathers taking their little ones with them to get something special for the special women in their lives made me feel a whole bunch of the Christmas Spirit.