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What a wonderful day. We were at my sister’s house, she has a very lovely home. My mother made a delicious crab quiche, full of lump crabmeat and seasoned with just the right amount of cayenne pepper for a little zing right at the end, it was just the perfect note for an appetizer and then the piece de resistance were my brother-in-law’s ribs, they were wonderfully flavored, almost addictive. My sister got us three racks and after all was said and done, there were only three little rib pieces left. My mother had prepared winter vegetables that my sister threw in the oven until they were roasted tender and caramelized, an excellent companion to the ribs and lastly my Parisian flan was dessert. We really ate well for an early Christmas feast.

Perhaps most important was Santa’s early visit; our nephew came running into the kitchen to tell my sister that he read the tag on the big present and it was from Santa, but his handwriting wasn’t so good. I burst out laughing that that; I haven’t heard the truth out of a babe’s mouth in quite some time. I adore my niece and nephew, they make me smile so easily every single time. I think that it is safe to say that they were very happy with Santa after they unwrapped all of their presents and they had presents for us as well. Our niece spent her own money to get us little gifts, a book for me and a gift card for my husband and our nephew made us pretty cards, one of each of us. They are both so sweet.