We ventured off the mountain to come to New York to celebrate with my mother, sister and her family. I love coming to New York at Christmas time because it is so beautiful at this time of year. Yesterday I made my mother a Parisian flan, the type that is made with a lot of egg yolks, a little bit of corn starch, sugar, vanilla, lemon zest and light cream. I made it as a surprise for my mother because it is one of her favorite things to eat; I also made it because I had a plan for the egg whites, they were going to be turned into financiers, the almond tea cakes that our son loves so much.

Tomorrow we are going to my sister’s to celebrate at her house. I can’t wait to see my niece and nephew open their presents. I hope that they both like what Santa dropped off at my house for them. They are hard to buy for because it is difficult to keep up with the latest trend in books and action figures. Christmas is always fun when Santa is around, thank goodness for the little ones!