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Either way you say it, for me it is a job that I have always enjoyed. When I was a teenager I loved watching the ladies at the Bloomingdales gift wrap department work their magic; choosing with care the proper box, the gift wrap paper and the bow, cutting without waste, turning out the precise seams and corners and tying it all together as a beautiful package by the properly curled ribbon.

To this day I take time to choose the wrapping paper, I try to get different colors and motifs so that the bounty laid out under the Christmas tree doesn’t look bland or without care. I like the illusion that elves were busy wrapping and packing the night before; each one had a family member which explains the different wrapping papers. I know that the secret has been out of the bag for a long time, but I like the look of a variety of colors that show snowmen, Santa’s, Christmas trees and jolly sayings all adorning different sized boxes just waiting to be opened.