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Yesterday was the first time that our son had ever expressed the slightest interest in baking. He decided that he wanted to make brownies and he asked for my advice on two things and that was it. He calmly and quietly followed the instructions, asking me about the pros and cons between oil versus butter and what size baking pan to use, other than that he measured, mixed and prepped the pan on his own. His brownies came out beautifully, without a single crumb clinging to the pan. I told him that simply that fact alone was impressive for anyone’s first time. His friend just happened to arrive the moment that the brownies were ready to come out and our son poured a tall glass of milk for himself and his friend and they both went upstairs to play their video games.

Jack was well aware that something good was in the oven, even though we all told him that he couldn’t have any brownies, that didn’t stop him from being as cute as can be, in case we changed our mind. Don’t worry we didn’t change our minds, we are immune to his wily charms when it comes to food.