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I have to say that this rejection letter was even more polite than my first one. I would hate to have to write rejection letters; I would agonize over the recipient’s feelings. Rejection letter writer is definitely one of the worst jobs out there. Happily enough I am not discouraged, the only discouraging thing about finding the right publisher is that there are so many more that do not accept unsolicited manuscripts than do and those who do not accept unsolicited manuscripts want you to have a literary agent.

I have been emailing literary agents both in Boston and New York and I am still waiting, though I did hear back from one and that was a form letter in the negative, what made me smirk was the upfront apology for being a form letter in the second sentence of the first paragraph; is it just me or was that odd?

I am still going to push and cajole myself into either a literary agent or getting published. I am not giving up.