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Tis that time of year, when you break out the address book and limber up your writing hand to wish all of your close friends, family, acquaintances, business associates and anyone else that you may have rekindled something with, a happy holidays or a Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate.



I have already run out of cards. I think that I made the same mistake last year. Luckily I wrote out the cards for my husband’s family, his close friends and my few relatives who live here and sent them just this afternoon. The rest of my Christmas card list live in France and as long as they get there by New Year’s Day, I am good to go.

While I was up in the attic getting the Christmas cards that I had purchased last year, I found Jack’s Christmas collar and since he never minds when I put things on him, he is wearing it right now. He is so cute, just like Rudolph “She said I’m CUTE”