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Years ago my husband found a shop called l’Occitan that also housed a Bistro on the second floor. L’Occitan has stores throughout the Northeast, but I have never seen one coupled with a Bistro except for the one my husband found on Prince Street in SoHo. I had the good fortune to have eaten there when it existed (it is closed now) and I had an excellent broccoli, cauliflower and cilantro soup. I decided to try making at home; I diced an onion, minced two cloves of garlic, cut up both the broccoli and cauliflower and sautéed everything in olive oil for several minutes before adding chicken stock and then leaving it to simmer for as long as it took until the broccoli and cauliflower were tender. I pureed it and then I added a half of a bunch of cilantro and pureed it again. I like it, but I am not sure that it is what I was remembering, I wish that I could get a time machine to go back a few years to grab another soup from their Bistro to refresh my culinary memories. I will have to tweak it because though it is good, it isn’t great. Perhaps I need to add more cauliflower or maybe the reverse, more broccoli, I don’t know. I will finish my pot of soup and think about it some more.



The failsafe is the roast beef and roasted baby potatoes that I made for my men so if nothing else we have meat and potatoes. I am not sure that my husband or my son will enjoy the soup so the meat and potatoes are guaranteed to keep them nourished. I am no longer the meat and potatoes fan that I once was, even if I get tired of eating soup, I would prefer it over eating beef nowadays. Soup is good food.