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My son and I were talking this morning and I mentioned that some people were simple souls, he said that he believed that he was one of those people with simple souls. I added that I thought that I was also one who was a simple soul. I pointed out that the joy of seeing an apricot hibiscus bloom was a gift and that is how I define simple souls; the ability to relish the here and now, appreciate a good song, a blue sky, a bloom or a snowflake. My son lives for music, he is happy strumming his guitar, performing on stage, all the things that nurture his musicality and all that feeds his soul.

The pictures of the hibiscus buds, that will bloom red in a day or so puts a smile on my face. They may have shed most of their leaves since they have been inside, but their hearts are still warm with blooms that they are willing to share with me. I love my hibiscus.