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Today I made the point of driving out to Chicopee to see my best friend Debbie and her husband Jim, who is also one of my best friends, but our dynamic is so very different. While Debbie and I are like sisters; Jim and I are like two toddlers constantly fighting over the same thing every time we see each. We never fight mean spiritedly, we hug it out every time, but boy does it get heated. Today I left Jim in a lather LOL.

Debbie and I were talking about everything under the sun as we always do while Jim was supposedly sleeping; I said one negative thing about Walmart and how they exploit their workers and Jim started arguing with me from where he was slouched over on the couch and we picked up right where we left off since the last time we argued over politics when they lived next door to me, several years ago. It is how I said, we are like two toddlers arguing over the same thing time and time again, today wasn’t different. He is a die hard republican and I am an impassioned progressive so we are like oil and water, but it never gets to the point of getting nasty or name calling, it just gets loud, poor Debbie.

We end each visit with I love you kiddo and I reply I love you too Jim. Debbie and I just laugh at Jim like Lucy and Ethel used to laugh at Ricky and Fred. That is what friendship is all about, knowing how to agree to disagree and remembering that there is more to someone than just their politics, there are shared experiences and memories that make a foundation and that is what counts in the end.