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I have to say that ever since I have discovered the beauty of the frittata, I see how the egg is the perfect food, conducive to marriage with so many different vegetables, herbs and cheeses. I can even envision a dessert frittata in the works one of these days.

Whenever I want to make our son happy, I turn out a frittata and he is satisfied and excited about eating which always makes me happy as well. This time around for the frittata experience I kept it very simple; eggs, goat cheese, garlic and potatoes. I also used a combination of olive oil and duck fat to sauté the diced potatoes before adding the egg mixture.









I am happy to say that the frittata was a hit; everyone enjoyed it. This is definitely one of my favorite things to make especially when I don’t have much in the refrigerator or I don’t have that much time to prepare dinner. I will experiment with the dessert idea one of these days; it could be fun and tasty. 🙂