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My husband and I went to see the latest installment of he Hunger Games series and we really liked it. We are both fans of Jennifer Lawrence and she loses herself in the character of Katniss and we were transported to her world and felt her anger, her despair, her anguish and her determination. I haven’t read any of the books and I am glad that I didn’t because I had no idea what to expect during any of the movie and I liked it that way.

I was also impressed with Julianne Moore’s character President Alma Coin; her character was strong, compassionate, perceptive and intuitive especially on military matters which was a breath of fresh air for a female character. It is not often that we see several strong female characters in film and I liked it.

What drives the movie even more than the great acting is the strong and vibrant story. The author’s vision of the dystopian world is so well laid out and so rich in detail that it feels real. The forced separation between districts, the analogy of the heart and the veins used to explain the relationship between the Capitol and the Districts are both tools used to subjugate the people and it is so very effective.

This brings me to my similar complaint that I read in other reviews; you don’t want the movie to end without a resolution. When the movie ends, it leaves you hanging and it doesn’t feel good. You are heavily invested at this point and it is jarring to just pick up and leave your movie theater seat. I am looking forward to part 2 and to more Katniss.