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We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?

I am going through my family; uncle by uncle, aunt by aunt and cousin by cousin and aside from funny little stories, no one sticks out as an odd duck except for my husband’s cousin John and I don’t see him as strange, I see him as lovably eccentric.

He stays with us whenever his job as a forensic engineer demands his presence at accident sites near our neck of the woods or if we are on the way to wherever he needs to be the next day. How to describe him? He likes to follow his own drum beat if you will. He likes his particular routine, he likes to ask a lot of questions, he likes to know what you are doing at all times and he likes to know where everyone is at all times. He likes things to be compartmentalized, everything in its place and when that is accomplished, he feels comfortable and relaxed.

I can see living with him 24/7 being a little hard, patience is needed to be able to deal with all of the questions and the space, material and time management, but whenever he visits, I never mind because he is such a sweetheart and he is always very recognizant of our welcome and our cooking. He is a big fan of my cooking and just for that, he can come and be with us whenever he wants; I love how excited he gets whenever my pizzas come out of the oven. I said our cooking because he is a huge fan of my husband’s cooking as well, but my husband doesn’t need someone’s adulation to make him feel good. He is a very confident person, whereas I am not, so I do love and revel in the applause if I am going to be very honest.

Wait maybe I am the odd duck of the family if I can’t think of anyone else on my side of the family tree because I read somewhere that if you can’t think of an annoying friend than you are that annoying friend; do you follow my logic? LOL