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Just like Oprah has her favorite things, so do I and one of my favorite things is the Lush company. I found my first Lush store back in 2012 on the rue Sainte-Catherine in Bordeaux France and I fell in love with their Mission Statement and their products.




I am not a makeup person, but I do enjoy taking care of my skin nowadays. I have only started moisturizing and cleansing my face since I turned 40. I joined the party late, but better late than never, though as my former history teacher used to tell us, better never late. I have to say that when I started moisturizing my skin, it was confusing because there are so many different brands out there and they all promise you the stars, the sky and the moon. When I found Lush and their products, I finally felt that I found something real made with respect to the ingredients, respect to the farming communities and respect to the environment. When I purchase Lush moisturizers and cleansers, I feel that I am contributing to a healthy business model and a healthier economy when I use creams made with lavender, orange flowers and Tiger Lilies, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa butter, Shea butter and the other ingredients are other floral blossom infusions. It is also made in Canada so it is regulated and inspected.

I have made an effort to use my dollars as a consumer in ways that help the world and help workers. I try to buy union made products as often as I can and I look for Fair Trade options as well. It makes me feel good and if I am going to shop, it is not something that I like to do, at least when my shopping is done, I can feel proud of giving back while getting something that makes me happy.

Nice clean, soft and moisturized skin makes me very happy.