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Today was both veterinary and physician day for my husband, myself and Jack. First it was our turn and we brought Jack with us to our general practitioner’s for our well care check ups. Jack was the star of the waiting room, all of the other patients were gushing over him and he was preening, the little ham. Our doctor gave us both a clean bill of health and he told me to continue doing what I am doing and maybe a little more physical activity would be a good idea.

When it was Jack’s turn at the veterinary’s office, we were so happy to see that Jack lost two pounds and that is all thanks to our son with his strict dietary adherence with Jack and the exercise that he gives him. While Jack was getting his vitals taken, the vet assistant explained that she was going to take Jack in the back to take his blood and clip his nails. She picked up our Jack and he went happily, at least that was what his tail was saying. Minutes later we heard this crying and whimpering, I knew that Jack was crying because he is a HUGE baby, that is partly why I call him the little baby boy.

Actually before all of this, while we were in the waiting room, Jack was initially excited to be there, but as the minutes ticked by, his excitement diminished bit by bit until finally he wasn’t walking on his leash, he planted his backside on the floor and my husband was pulling lightly while Jack was being dragged towards the exam room. It was a funny video material. He was not very happy going into the room and he wasn’t thrilled after the nail clipping.

Aside from the nail clipping, the necessary vaccinations, all of which were not a big deal; however when the vet examined Jack’s ears, she found that Jack had a bacterial/yeast infection in one of his ears so he has 14 days of ointment to be applied to both of his ears.

So all in all this was a very productive and busy day. We are all more or less healthy as horses, just can’t run as fast.