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I went to the movies with my husband to be with him because as I told him, this movie or at least what I had seen of the previews, made me angry. My interpretation of the previews is that we were, by going to the stars looking for another habitable planet, acting like rapacious parasites. We ruin one planet and no matter, we just go find another.

Of course after seeing the movie, the story is more layered and complex, but I still left angry about farming and environmental issues. Which is very good I think, because movies should also be about stirring the pot and generating conversations and serious discussions.

I do have to say that once the movie gets into space, it is an exciting movie, full of suspense, wonder, danger and beauty. The acting is first rate and the technology and science are wondrous.

I kept thinking throughout the movie that deforestation, mono-agriculture, pesticides, herbicides and not nurturing the soil, all these practices are contributing to farm and environmental problems that make it so dangerous for our planet and especially ourselves; because it is our behavior that is making our existence harder, our planet will be fine if we ever disappear. This movie made us think.