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That is our rock star on stage with his band Vanities playing at the CoCo 66 in Greenpoint Brooklyn New York and if you look closely at the first picture, you’ll see Jack’s adorable face in the lefthand bottom corner. As I said in the title; we are becoming groupies, my husband, Jack and myself. If our daughter weren’t away at school, I’m sure that she would have been with us.

It is exciting to see how the crowd responds to Vanities when they’re playing; people are, let me put it this way, enthusiastically moving to the music and everyone else has at least their head moving to the beat. The band seems, with every outing and every performance, to be getting more and more comfortable on stage and connecting a lot more with their audience. It is really cool to watch them evolve as a band and as young musicians.

Jack was happy to see our son on stage, his tail was wagging a mile a minute. We didn’t keep him there for more than a few minutes, we didn’t want to strain his little ears. When we got outside with him, he proved to be a big hit with the people hanging outside taking a break from the music. It was adorable because Jack does love being made a fuss over and he loves all of the attention.

Jack is such a ham. 😀