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Mail used to be fun or at least it seemed exciting before adulthood and bills became the norm; I am talking about the days of college acceptance letters, pen pal letters and birthday cards, Christmas cards and such. Of course back then there were weeks of dead time so when something eventually came, it was even more special.

Nowadays there is never any dead time between bills. Our mailbox is never empty, but occasionally there appears a golden nugget and happy days! Just the other day a golden nugget appeared in the mailbox in the form of a DVD from my dear new friend Claudine and it was such a wonderful gift.

I wrote about my adventures in New York City when I served as tour guide for my cousin Francoise and three members of her photography club during the first week of September. We had the best time together and we affectionately came to call ourselves the Club Bigorneaux. When I opened the DVD, I was hopping to the DVD, anxiously inserting the DVD and pressed play and voila, a masterpiece of beautifully pieced together vignettes of our time together. I laughed at so many parts and throughout it all I was smiling, I had such a great time with Claudine, Marc, Alain and of course my cousin Francoise and my mother as well when we spent part of the weekend with her.


I love it when mail gets exciting again. 🙂