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Today has been the first taste of a winter chill and I am not ready for it and neither is Jack.



The wind has been howling ferociously since early this morning and it doesn’t sound fit for man or beast outside. Jack has been outside a few times today and it he did what was necessary as quickly as nature would allow, the poor lamb. This coming week promises to be much nicer and I am so happy for it because as I said, I am not ready for cold weather, bad enough I am going to lose an hour of daylight from now until spring comes back next year. That didn’t come out right, it isn’t as if daylight savings time is a slight only against me. There are many people who dread losing sunlight over the winter months. One of the reasons that I put my rosemary plant in our bedroom is to cheer myself up over the winter months as it worships the sun’s rays while it is waiting for spring to come back again. That is what I am hoping at least.