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My husband and I went to see John Wick today. We are both big fans of Keanu Reeves and my husband has especially been waiting for this movie to come out since we had seen its previews a while ago.

We both loved it, it was the perfect movie for us today; a real badass action picture. I cried twice at the beginning, once when John Wick’s wife dies from her terminal illness and the second time when very bad men break into John Wick’s house to steal his car and they kill his puppy; the last beautiful gift that John Wick received from his wife.

Keanu Reeves was on fire in the movie; he was so believable as John Wick; an effective and highly efficient killer. John Wick was completely focused and controlled at every second and this was one of the few movies an assassin or contract killer did not waste movement, bullets or emotion. Keanu Reeves played John Wick as one stone cold killer bent on getting justice and retribution for his puppy, the last beautiful gift from his beloved wife. The movie made a point of explaining how even in the world of contract killing there are rules and especially there are consequences to pay for breaking those rules. Chaos reigns without rules and that means disruption of business if chaos is allowed to ferment. Money is the driving force and it must flow easily and freely which is why rules must be respected.

For those who like action, shoot them up movies, this will be a keeper. If you don’t enjoy them, than this movie will definitely not be your cup of tea.