This morning we received a package in the mail; a carton from Omaha steaks and to keep the merchandise frozen, it was packed with dry ice. My husband wanted to see what Jack’s reaction would be if he played with the dry ice in our copper tub the way he used to do it with our daughter when she was little.

When I say play with dry ice, I just mean filling the copper tub with water, dropping the dry ice in the water and watching it give rise to thick fog. Our daughter loved watching the smoke billow around and recede with the air currents flowing around the kitchen.

So my husband was reminiscing about our daughter while he was conjuring up the smoke, curious to see Jack’s reaction and to our surprise Jack was pretty stoic and after a few minutes, he got bored if dogs are indeed capable of being bored.

Another rainy day in Blandford, the creepy effect of the smoke fit perfectly with the mood outside, grey and dismal, all in the month of October, the Halloween month.