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I am getting close to the finish of where I want my political essay book to be, but it is quite tiring. I had forgotten how tiring editing is from way back when I used to write term papers in school.

I do have to say that by going through all of my essays, day by day, I am really surprised as to how relevant my words still are today. It gives me hope that my book might get noticed by a publisher, but it makes me sad as a politically interested person because it shows that we haven’t made a lot of progress as of today.

I actually yelled at myself a few times today because there were a few times during the day when I was feeling tired that I said “really you had to comment five times in one day?” Instead of just 30 days of comments, it has been closer to 50 to 60 comments a month to go through, I have a lot to say and I am quite opinionated lol.

I do feel really good about my work on this book and that is what counts.