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Today my husband, our son and I went to see The Maze Runner. We weren’t sure what to expect because I have noticed that as of late, the previews have poorly reflected what any movie might be about and so I went into the movie with an open mind waiting for what the story was to unfold.

Before leaving the house, I decided since it was a gorgeous sunny day and we are in October primo fall fashion season, that I would break out my new shoes that my mother got me at the Retail Outlet Mall that we had taken our French friends back in the beginning of September.


I love them!

Back to the movie, we all liked it though it was a muted like. I think that our son thought that it was a little obvious in certain parts. I went along for the ride as I usually do, but I am getting a little tired of the dystopia vision that has graced the movie screens as of late.

In terms of story line, I felt that the movie was a complete psychological and sociological study of crisis management and threat assessment strategies. Basically the habitat was started with one, the future leader of the young men whose name is Alby, and each month one more boy was added, which led to the eventual Lord of the Flies situation, that of course burned itself out, but not before inflicting the necessary psychological scars and maturation in the process. Fast foward to 3 years later and we find the young men operating as a cohesive unit with a few common sense rules to hold them together safely and soundly.

When the new young man arrives, he is different from the others, in that he is curious about the maze that surrounds the glade and wants to find a way out, he has no interest in the status quo. This is in and of itself a wedge issue between some of the original group and the new boy whose name is Thomas. He isn’t effected by the same mindset as the others because he enters their world not having had to work very hard and fight for the security and the safety of the balance that has finally been achieved. You can understand how quite a few would be hesitant to try anything that could lay to waste everything that had been painstakingly built.

What we learn in the end is that this maze is a test because the world and those who ran it have failed mankind and they felt forced to subject the new crop of youngsters to the insane and deadly test to weed out the weak and grow the next generation of tougher and more resilient people.

We are left with the set up for a Maze Runner II and if this one does well, we will see what tests the powers that be determine for the next round.

I’ll be ready for a new ride, though it would be nice is it gets a little more uplifting the next time around.