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Today is a full on rainy day in Blandford and our DVR is full since we haven’t been home in several days so this means some fun binge watching t.v. We have a few Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report and Real Time with Bill Maher to watch. That takes care of our news coverage for the week. It is a sad commentary about the state of our mainstream news that I feel better informed by Comedy Central than by my local or national news shows.

Then we have our entertainment shows; I have no shame in how many shows I watch, there are some really good shows out there and I like being entertained. Though when I was looking through the list on the DVR player, most of the shows that we watch are fairly suspenseful and grim with only a few feel good, funny shows. I may not have many, but I love Modern Family, The Middle, Big Bang Theory and the new show Blackish seems to be a keeper and these make me laugh out loud which does my soul and heart good..

FX channel has been showing some original programming and it is good stuff such as The Strain, Sons of Anarchy, Justified and The Bridge. These shows are all dark, but their acting and the suspense makes for good t.v watching.

Everything else on our DVR seems to point to cop shows and spy shows such as the Blacklist, NCIS, NCIS New Orleans and NCIS Los Angeles, C.S.I, Blue Bloods, Castle,Bones, Sherlock and there are two new shows called Scorpions and Forever which so far we have enjoyed quite a bit.

I like the combination of detective work and technology, especially in terms of medical science and computer technology and how the smallest and most innocuous item can be the key to leading the detective to the perpetrator.

When it comes to characters, I have three shows that I am invested in; Bones, Castle and The Blacklist. Now I know that The Blacklist is relatively new, but it has James Spader and I would watch him act in a phonebook commercial I love his acting that much. On the other hand I have been watching Bones and Castle since their beginnings and I feel as if they are friends and so every week I look forward to seeing what they are up to and how they are going to solve the crimes that they are up against, using good old fashioned detective work and the latest technology and scientific applications. Bones is especially great in combining science and deductive reasoning, everyone at the Jeffersonian is a scientific savant and Booth the F.B.I agent has common sense in spades and the juxtaposition between the two makes for great t.v.

Rainy days and t.v, another great combination, though definitely not as noble as solving crime, but still, I enjoy it tremendously.