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I may complain about technology every now and then, but there are some aspects that are truly wonderful. Case in point, I am sitting, reading an article on my iPad and my iPad politely informs me that my cousin Francoise is commenting on a picture that I had posted on her timeline earlier, this is happening in real time. I flip over to Facebook and we start having a conversation back and forth despite being thousands of miles away and in different time zones, the wonder of technology.

She e-mailed me three pictures of our time together in New York and what struck me most about these pictures is how much of a snapshot in time these pictures are; I really got the sense that Alain, Marc, Claudine and I are captured in absolute stillness amidst the cacophony of noise and the never-ending hustle, bustle of New York City. There are pictures that translate movement between the subject and its environment, but these pictures we, the subjects, are the static center of the action all around us. I really felt something special about that, we were something solid amidst the fluidity of what was going on around us. It spoke to me.




My cousin Francoise is very talented, I can’t wait to see the other shots, primarily the night time shots of the New York skyline. These three pictures are beautiful memories of friends enjoying each other’s company in a city that never sleeps, one of the most vibrant cities in the world. I think that you can see from my facial expression how happy I am in the moment, a great snapshot in time.