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These are snapdragons that are growing in the gravel on top of the sand filtered septic system. I have never planted snapdragons before and so I looked them up and discovered that they bloom in cooler weather, they are considered a tender perennial so that means that here in the Northeast; they are annuals for all intents and purposes since they enjoy warmer climes as their permanent home. I learned that bumble bees are the chief pollinators and that since I wasn’t the one who planted their seeds, I can only thank the birds for disseminating these seeds, no matter where they landed.

I do like where the snapdragons ended up, I think that the flowers really pop when contrasted against the pretty stones in the gravel bed. It never fails to delight and amaze me how nature works so harmoniously amongst the plant and animal kingdoms; I only wish that we humans could be as harmonious in turn.