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There I admitted it; I have an obsession with Rosemary and it is of a long duration. Year after year, I buy Rosemary plants hoping to have one take hold and stay with me for more than just one season and year after year, I get sad when they don’t make it. This year, I decided that since one of my rosemary plants did really well this summer, I would try to once again to bring my plant inside and see how it goes this winter. The one that I planted near the pool is going to stay outside, I’m sorry little Rosemary plant, I wish you well this winter.

The thing that I am doing differently this time around is that I dug out the Rosemary plant from the soil, so I am hoping that since the Rosemary plant was so happy in the soil and where it was, it will continue to be happy this winter, I just have to find it a really good sunny spot which is much easier said then done, my little Rosemary will be competing with the Bougainvillea, the Mandeville and the three hibiscus plus a few new Impatiens that will be needing a spot inside, I tell you I will be needing a Greenhouse if I keep this up.