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We often hear of comfort food and how when the weather gets cool or times are difficult or just when you need a pick me up, there is nothing like comfort food to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. However for every person who craves comfort food, there is always a specific food that is craved even when on the whole it is something from your childhood, hot and soothing with some type of carb and fat attached to it.

In our house the classic pasta carbonara is a favorite comfort food for our children and my husband; whereas for me it is sautéed zucchini and onions with tomato sauce and grated parmesan cheese, just the way my mother made it for my sister and myself when we were little. It reminds me of our kitchen back on 24th Street, yellow and white where we ate dinner every night together, just the three of us while my father worked nights at the restaurant. Happy memories.





Now when it comes to the pasta carbonara; it’s easy to figure out why it is considered as comfort food, it’s the bacon, because quite simply, bacon makes everything better. 😀