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We rented the movie “Her” from Red box, we never got around to seeing it in the theater, with the prices of movie tickets there has to be something special about the movie such as CGI effects or something to the effect to warrant spending over twenty dollars for tickets.

We both enjoyed it, what I liked about the movie were all the various thoughts that cropped up in my brain while we were watching the movie. Basically the story is about a man who purchases the newest operating system on the market, one that evolves according to your personality, her voice is lovely to listen to (thank you Scarlett Johansson), and Theodore, (wonderfully acted by Joaquin Phoenix), and she, she calls herself Samantha, develop a complicated relationship.

One of my many thoughts during the movie was how ironic it was that even though the movie explores the boundaries of technology and the relationship people have with their private technology, Theodore made his living very comfortably by writing beautifully sentimental handwritten letters for all occasions, in my mind the height of irony. Moreover, very early in the movie, Samantha expresses as one of her first desires wanting to appear in human form. Theodore being human can’t help but ache to touch Samantha and he goes through frustration at various stages during the movie.

Another thing that I couldn’t help, but think of, was that instead of a new operating system, Theodore should have gotten a puppy, a puppy like Jack would have filled his days and nights with unconditional love and physical love as well; we who are dog owners know full well the wonderful quality that dogs bring to cuddling and hugs. Just a thought.

My other thought was that this movie wasn’t about technology after all, but really all about the human connection. Theodore was blessed with two great friends and he never forgets their worth in his life which I was happy to see expressed often.

A puppy would have helped Theodore tremendously. that along with his real friends and he would have felt easier in his skin. He had a lot of things going for him; a sensitive soul, good friends, a great apartment and a job; his melancholic turn made me sad for him, the poor lamb. A puppy would have turned his frowns upside down, but then what kind of movie would we have had?