Today was another adventure; this time taken outside of New York City. My mother had proposed that we bring the photographers out to Hampton Bays to show them one of our favorite places to eat by the beach. We wanted to give them an idea of where New Yorkers went on the weekends and how wonderfully natural and wild the beaches looked with pine trees and beach grass growing where it can amidst the sands, it truly is beautiful to behold.









My mother had another wonderful idea; treat our guests to rotisserie duck and our favorite Briermeir fresh peach pie; both of which were on the way back home after our walk along the beach and our lunch at the Outlook Restaurant right on Shinecook Bay. Before that however we wanted to show our friends, Dune Road. Dune Road is the Road in the Hampton’s: house after house, each bigger than the other. At one point when I looked over to my left as I was driving, I couldn’t help but say “Look at those houses, they are so close to each other! I wouldn’t be happy if that were mine” As soon as the last word left my lips, Marc, one of the photographers quipped something to the effect ” funny how it’s always the poor ones who criticize things as if they were about to move in tomorrow” I burst out laughing, his sense of humour is so dry, so witty. Marc’s quip was said in French so I lost a bit in the translation, but were we laughing and laughing. We arrived at Westhampton village shortly afterwards, walked for a bit and then off to the pie and duck shop we went. There isn’t a picture of a duck because it’s duck, but I had to show you the magnificent pie, which impressed everyone at the table. They loved the duck too, but not in the same way or as dramatically.


Our final pictures for the evening were at 7:30, the blue light hour, and these were taken at Astoria Park facing the New York skyline and the Triboro Bridge right next to Hell’s Gate bridge.











Today was another tremendous day, we laughed, we walked, took pictures and best of all, ate extremely well with the best company. It was fantastic.