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Yes I’m back in the saddle again. As I was driving us down to New York, I didn’t feel any nervousness or apprehension on the road. I felt relaxed, comfortably seeking and maintaining my safety bubble around me as usual. I confess that I am more often in the left lane than in the middle lane, but that is only because it is more difficult maintaining that safety bubble at 73 mph in the middle lane. Honestly it is even difficult to stay at 73 in the left lane, because for some reason that speed isn’t fast enough for the majority of drivers in the left lane so I get over far more often thereby rolling along more at 70 than anything else. Am I complaining, maybe a little bit, I just find it hard to find the middle of the road drivers like me, it seems that either they want to go much faster or much slower. The happy medium is hard to come by on the highway.

Anyway we are back in New York and tomorrow it is off to Washington D.C. A nice little adventure for me and work for my husband.