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My husband and I dropped our daughter off at the airport very early this morning so that she can resume her studies at school, she is a junior this year. We are both sad, happy for our daughter, but sad for ourselves. We love having our children at home, we know that they need to leave the nest, but we like having them nearby, they are both very funny and engaging.

I know that our daughter is going to have a great semester and is getting closer to getting a firm grasp of what she wants to do with her life as she gets older. She is a very responsible young lady as is our son. Whatever path they choose for themselves, I am sure that they will give it their all and they will be successful. My husband and I will be on the sidelines, in the background, wherever they want us to be, cheering them on and supporting them however they need us to and loving them unconditionally in the process.

I still miss her.