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..When all you need is a knife might not be ironic, but it is unfortunate. Add your own verse, stanza, or story of badly-timed annoyance to Alanis Morissette’s classic:.

I don’t feel like listening to the prompt, I felt compelled to answer the prompt just for the title, 10,000 spoons. I have a thing for spoons, I have a cereal spoon, an oatmeal spoon and an ice cream spoon. Now to me this is perfectly normal, why wouldn’t I have a specific spoon for each different food item? However my husband and my son both made the point that I do have a lot of rules when it comes to food. We were in front of the ice cream cake display and I said that I only like the ice cream cakes that have the chocolate layer on top, not on the bottom so that means a Friendly’s cake and not a Carvel cake. My family knows me so well.

I guess for me the next line in the Alannis Morissette classic would be 10,000 spoons and no milk, 10,000 spoons and no ice cream, 10,000 spoons and no cereal and 10,000 and no oatmeal. That would stink.