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If you are thinking what a crazy title for a post, I’ll fill you in to the context of the phrase. My husband has been a very busy man since yesterday. I’ll get to his culinary achievement later, but now to explain the Amazon and the Egyptian. Our fence has been needing a few repairs for some time and this morning was the day that it was going to be done. We went out back together and as usual I tried to help, but I am not a very good helper. My husband says that the reason is that I don’t follow direction because I always want to lead. As we were moving the sections of fence, I was inadvertently fighting the board instead of letting it be while my husband was getting the old screws out. He said that I needed to learn the physics of leverage and I definitely wasn’t Egyptian in my ways of lifting and moving heavy objects. A second later, my husband exclaimed that of course I wasn’t Egyptian or using the geometry of angles, why would I when I was acting like the Amazonian that I am at heart.
I was laughing at everything that he was saying because I didn’t care as long as the fence was getting fixed and Jack couldn’t escape, that was what was most important. I could be an Amazon or an Egyptian, I’ll even be both as long as the job gets done.

Now last night, in honor of the remaining few days left until our daughter returns to school in Miami, my husband made an incredible baked 5 cheese macaroni and cheese just for our princess. It was excellent, he used cheddar, sharp cheddar, extra sharp cheddar, parmesan and asiago cheeses, he melted half of it in the béchamel sauce and the other half sprinkled all the way through and on top before he added bread crumbs and pats of butter and then putting it into the oven. His macaroni and cheese was the best that I had ever tasted.