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I had a fantastic weekend celebrating my birthday with my mother, my sister and her family and of course my husband and our children. We went to my sister’s and I just love spending time with my niece and nephew, they are growing so fast. Jack was with us and he is always a hit with them; he loves running and jumping with them and they love hugging him.




I took just a few pictures because I was busy speaking with my sister about what is going on with her and I was joking and teasing my niece and nephew, but we ate very, very well. My sister made this tremendous gaspacho, a cold soup of tomato richly flavored with garlic, I made a pig of myself because I boldly stated that I would finish the rest of the container and I did. It was absolutely delicious; the tomato wasn’t acidic or bland, it was exactly what a ripe tomato tastes like, only enhanced with liberal use of raw garlic. It was so good that I cleaned my soup bowl with my bread.







The next item on the menu was a light salad of greens and tomatoes topped with poached lobster and blanched new potatoes, dressed with my mother’s vinaigrette. It was very good, slightly decadent, but offset with the clean flavors of the greens and tomatoes.

What I was really waiting for was dessert; there was a Saint Honore which is the cream puff and pastry cream French idea of confectioner’s heaven, there were chocolate eclairs, my personal favorite and little cheesecakes.
Dessert was delightful and followed by coffee, really hit the spot. It was a wonderful family get together.