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My husband and I were so happy to welcome our traveling/touring musician home. My husband made him a barbecue chicken and pork sandwich wrap, he was so happy eating some home cooked food in his belly. He proceeded to tell us all about his band’s adventures and experiences living in a van for over two weeks. His favorite show was the one they performed in Brooklyn New York, the venue was small, the audience was intense and it translated to the band. His band even made some money, which he was very proud of because that meant that ticket sales were good for his band outside of what the other bands were generating, so that gave our son and his band some confidence in their appeal to the public.

I am so happy that he had a great time, but I am even happier that he is home. I missed him and Jack missed him a lot. Jack gave our son a parade when he got home. His little tail was going 20,000 leagues a minute, it was such a whirlwind of movement, I am surprised that his tail didn’t propel his little body up in the air.

In other news, the garden is starting to wind down a bit. My roses are trying to bloom again, but these nasty beetles are eating, not just my new rosebuds, but a lot of other plants in my garden. I am not sure what these beetles are called, but they don’t come until mid July. I hate bugs so I am not really into touching them or squishing them, perhaps I will find a homemade solution of vinegar and such that I can squirt them with, I would love to see them leave my poor plants alone.