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Both of our children having been busy this summer. Our son is off with his band, tonight they are playing in Danbury, CT. I know that they played in Kent, Ohio a few days ago so they are rolling along playing here and there, having a good time. My husband and I are keeping abreast of the band’s progress through FaceBook.



Our daughter has been busy working full-time, going camping, went to visit her grandmother in New York and has been a great help with Jack. Today she came home from work with a brand spanking new haircut. My husband and I both adore it, for a split second her hair reminded us of a time when she had a similar haircut, when she was seven or eight, she was so, very, very cute. This haircut isn’t meant to be cute, our daughter is styling her hair to be cutting edge, sassy if you will. She can pull off any haircut.




It’s fun and interesting watching our children grow and blossom into young adults. They are definitely not boring.