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This morning, I noticed that the pond pump wasn’t spraying water so I fixed it, while I was in the process of fixing it, I glanced up and got a whole new perspective of my flowers from the ground looking upwards and it was quite beautiful. So I went in, got my trusty cell phone and started clicking. I know that I have already showed you pictures of the Bell Flower but I wanted to show it in its state of bloom and bud, I don’t know which I prefer, the promise of a bloom or the actual bloom itself.

The picture of the water beads erupting from the fountain head, which is out of range in the picture is, I think, pretty cool. Jack joined me at the pond and I couldn’t resist putting him in the pictures because he treats the entire backyard as his hunting territory and I love that fact that he never gets bored, he has his pathways and byways, always on the hunt for that elusive bunny, he makes me laugh and he makes me happy to know that he is so happy with his territory and his house.

I wanted to give an update on the state of my greens, I think that they are sprouting at a healthy pace, looking all perky with a nice shade of medium green and the peppers are getting taller; I am not sure if I will see any peppers by the time autumn comes knocking, but I will have a leaf or two of spinach and lettuce, that is a promise.

Another glorious day in the neighborhood, breezy and 73 degrees, it doesn’t get much better than this, at least I don’t think so. I know some luxuriate in steamy, hot weather, not I, this is paradise.