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It has been stormy and cool for the past few days; I am not complaining, I love it, we have been having cool breezes and the rain is wonderful for the gardens and the reservoirs all over the Northeast. We can never take our water for granted.

Yesterday I made a huge batch of salade de carottes or better known in English, as carrot salad; for me this salad is comfort food, both my mother here and my aunt in France would make it fairly often during the summer months and I adore it as much for nostalgia’s sake as its deliciousness. It is the easiest salad to make; grate a whole bunch of carrots, add salt and pepper, I drizzled sunflower oil, but you can use any oil that makes you happy, and I used a combination of lemon juice and red wine vinegar, taste as you go and voila, a nice carrot salad.


My husband, on the other hand, had a hankering for another type of comfort food, potatoes au gratin and with the weather, as it has been, made making it a no brainer, when it is cool outside, putting the oven on isn’t a big deal, as opposed to when it’s sweltering.



I know that as a menu, carrot salad and potatoes au gratin, make for strange bedfellows. I don’t see us eating the two together, but having the salad as an appetizer and the gratin with the main course which I don’t what it’s going to be as of yet, makes more sense.