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This morning I got up early so that I could call my aunt to wish her an early birthday. Her birthday isn’t until Wednesday, but since I never know where I will be, I wanted to make sure that she knew that I was thinking of her. After I hung up the phone, I was hit with a wave of melancholy and sadness, if I could reverse the passage of time, I would do it, if only to give me more time having my aunt and my uncle in my life. I don’t want them to go. They are in their eighties and I wish that I could make them go back thirty years and have them back in their fifties. I love them both so much and I cannot imagine not having them around; they are at the heart of our family in France. So what do I do when I get overwhelmed by emotions that give me distress? I go to my flowers and gain some comfort from them. My uncle made gardening his business and became very successful at it. My aunt has a way with geraniums and begonias. Plants, trees and gardens have a place in our family and tending my own garden, I think, makes me feel closer to my family.










I have been very happy seeing all the bees setting down on the thistle, the coneflowers, the lilies, the tall yellow flowers and the newest purple bloom which seems to be in the thistle family. I am sure that if my uncle were here, he would be listing the plant names one after the other without hesitation. I forget plant names so quickly, it is amazing. That is why I take pictures, so that I remember what is in my garden and I could put a picture to a name.
I do feel better now.