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I just get a kick out of Mother Nature. I really do. Yesterday morning when my husband and I were backing out of the driveway and out of the corner of my eye; I caught a glimpse of yellow where it shouldn’t have been, I stopped the car to get a closer look and lo and behold, a yellow pansy sprouting in the midst of the gravel of our sand filtered septic system. I forget why the rectangular structure is filled with stone gravel, but aesthetically I find it pretty, I just never thought that plants would find a home there, but they apparently do. Not only did I find the pansy, but I found two other plants; I can’t remember their names, they are perennials that I had planted last year in the tall grey containers next to where they sprouted this year; oops, they must have fallen from on high.

The other pictures are the tall phlox blooming and giving new life to the side bed out in front. I am thinking that perhaps I am going to plant something on the other side of the side bed to give it some summer color so that the side bed as a whole has balance; because as of now, the right side is pretty sad looking while the left side has gotten a second wind in terms of appearances.

Always something to do. I actually know what I am going to plant in the side bed; in the back I have baby rosebushes sprouting in the lawn once again. The last time I had noticed having baby rose bushes; I took advantage of these freebies and transplanted two “sproutlings” elsewhere, one near the pool and the other near the bamboo and they have taken root and are flourishing, so I am going to do the same thing and transplant babies to the side bed. Hopefully they will take root and grow, I am going to do it either later today or tomorrow, I don’t want to wait too long, they will need to get established before it gets cold.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.