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Our son left yesterday at 5:00 pm (sniff,sniff) with his band to explore parts known and unknown for the next two weeks in a van. My husband and I are very excited for our son; going off on the open road to play a variety of gigs with other bands, spreading their original music far and wide.


Their band is called The Vanities and they are really good. The music is called alternative metal corp, I think, I always mess that appellation up, I have turned into one of those older people who can’t keep the nomenclature straight.

I love hard rock, always have since I was fifteen, but my son’s music is slightly different only in the adoption of the singing method called screaming. I have to stress that it is a singing style because the screamer uses a specific technique that allows the vocal cords to stay unstrained while the singer is “screaming” and there is heavy usage of the diaphragm while employing those techniques. Can you tell that I have been schooled on the nuances between your run of the mill screaming and the talent of proper screaming specifically for hard corp metal purposes?

Our son is not a screamer, my husband and I are both so proud of how beautifully our son sings; whenever we listen to his band, we wait until we can hear our son because honestly if he was the lead singer, we would love listen to his band a lot more; neither of us are fans of the scream. But we are huge fans of our son’s singing!