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We have adored all of our dogs; Marshall our Black Lab, the Mayor of Blandford, Rex are most amazing German Shepard, Tuck our misunderstood Beagle who we adored and now Jack our little baby boy. What is very interesting is that out of all of our dogs, Jack is the only one who is a successful hunter. He treats our backyard as his private hunting grounds, he goes on safari on a daily basis.

His little face is so adorable and yet he has the heart of a killer. I have laughingly called him “murderer” on occasion. He is seriously persistent when he has a scent in his nose, he doesn’t let up at all.






In this series of pictures, Jack had picked up a scent underneath that old statue in the middle of my rosebushes and he was relentless. He spent a good deal of time circling around the statue, scratching at the base hot on a trail. I can only imagine how, whatever was hiding underneath the statue was feeling, on the other hand, I have seen how nonchalantly the chipmunks walk around this place so maybe they weren’t all that frightened or stressed. It does get a little annoying how they do lord it over the place eating my bulbs and buds.

It is the nature after all and Jack’s breed was designed to hunt all kinds of critters, I just never expected him to be so good at it given he has such a lazy nature in the house. 😀