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My husband and I went to see Earth to Echo and it was adorable! I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did; I always love movies, but sometimes you go in knowing that you only want to escape so when you are really pulled into the movie, the characters and the action, it feels great.

My husband and I felt the homage to Stephen Speilberg and George Lucas during the entire movie; kids are the best. When and where do we lose that special and unique curiosity that is part of the childhood experience? I know that there are some who never lose it, but they are so incredibly rare. I think that part of the reason that movies like E.T, Star Wars, Super 8 and Earth to Echo are so successful is that these movies remind adults of what it was to be young, hopeful, adventurous and  courageous.

Echo, the center of attention, made me think of R2-D2’s baby brother with his beeps and whistles. I wanted to bring him home with me, not because of anything that Echo could do, but because Echo was so darn cute.

My husband and I were so charmed by the movie, its message, its heart and its innocence, that we talked about the movie the whole drive home. I remember feeling the same way after Super 8; I love movies that are hopeful and uplifting and when they are that way because kids are driving the story, even better.