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Yesterday and today we are experiencing some doozy thunderstorms; when I was younger, I found them thrilling and exhilarating, I still do except for the practical nag in my head that worries about power outages and something being hit by a bolt of lightening. When I was young and fancy free; those worries weren’t even a blip on my radar, I just reveled in the majesty of it all; the randomness and the awesomeness of Mother Nature in all of her glory. These days I comfort Jack by cuddling him and whispering in his ear that Maman will keep him safe, the poor baby.


I tried to capture the intensity of the downpour and the lightening strikes, but my cell phone doesn’t do much when you have thousands of fine lines of rain hurtling down fast and hard, it doesn’t seem to be able to pick up the detail and I was seconds too late for the burst of brightness from the lightening strikes.

I still like the pictures because I find that the rain intensifies the colors of green and red all around the front and side of the house. We desperately needed this rain, the soil has been bone dry for weeks and I am sure that everything right as I am typing is drinking up the rain gratefully. Every plant, grass and tree must be delirious with happiness right now.