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Last winter decimated my perennial herbs; my thyme, sage and lavender either took a beating or died off. What was even more surprising was that even the nurseries around my corner of Massachusetts experienced the same sad experience; no one was immune to the extreme harsh winter. I waited until having some extra days at home before purchasing any new plants because I wanted the chance to relax and rest up before doing anything more physical, I need to take it easy with myself and my physical exertion. The byproduct of waiting until the end of June to buy more plants was the fact that I got to take advantage of great sales so my perennials were an incredible bargain as were the remaining hanging plants that I had picked up for the front yard.



The herbs that I got were the usual bunch that I love having on hand, not just for their culinary value, but for their visual and aromatic appeal as well. I got sage, two rosemary plants, a new lavender plant, two thyme plants, cilantro, a bunch of oregano plants and basil. Jack was “helping” me plant them and when our son snuggled up to Jack later, he commented on how delicious Jack smelled. The breeze is flowing today in Blandford and when I walk past the herb containers, it really smells nice.